India's First Biggest Scam Company | Earn Up to 1 Lakh

Hello Friends, In this India's First Biggest Scam Company | Earn Up to 1 Lakh article I want to tell you all that now Applying for a job has becoming a new Fraud Medium for Company now a days. In this article I’m trying to telling you about all Problems are comes from Applying for a new job and also your Privacy also getting in Danger position now.

India's First Biggest Scam Company
India's First Biggest Scam Company | Earn Up to 1 Lakh

Note: Please Hung up the Call after Hearing those words: “Online Selling Work “ Or “As*rt” Or “Ifaz*ne” Or “DBA” Or “Fashion Work” or “Modeling Work”.

Reason: They Have change there Company names from, Ifaz*ne to DBA and Now to As*rt (they Recommend themselves it as a Econometrical Site) and again it will keep on happening.

Process of joining:

This Company: You don't have to be panic, they will itself hunt you as through Facebook fooling you as a “Online Selling Work” or even you can google in Job Portal to get there contact numbers.

They even chat you with attitude as Himself saying that he earn 1 lakhs per month( But believe me they keep starving from hunger, we're they are Thrown down as like a Slaves).

OK Next What Happens

When you got Trapped in there company. They will demand you Rs.1500 - Rs.3000 for Room Rent and for Food in which he might also get survive from food.

After That

You Will have to Attend 3 days Training (Bullshit training). Don't think you will get your training in like Amity University. In there office you will be provided a Tools to sit Hours for hours and for saying Yes Yes yes.

Rules Before Training

You are not Allowed to discuss with your Batches, who came for training with you. Special Gifts is that the One who called you will remain standing backside of yours, till the training gets ends in order to takes Updates from you.

When Training Gets Started:

The most Illiterate and uneducated trainers will be there who even can't able to write your name or even his own name.

Day 1: They will teach you “Target” (For 1 hrs. classes) In which you are in first Slow to get your brain washed. After 5 Mins of brake They will teach “Super Advisors” (For 2.30 hrs.) in which they will totally brainwashed you by Discussing you the Job vs Business and at least they will show you the plan. When you ask them ‘ I have to pay? They will reply No you can start with free Sign up. On that day you will feels like Ambani. After That they will teach you on “Personality Development” In order to fool you more to invest in it.

Day 2: You will learn to fool 5 Peoples like how you got fool. They Will teach you on “Multi Level Marketing (MLM)”. Which will be on totally fake discussions, in which they praise there own company as Legit Company and recommend themselves as a Econometrical site. If you ask them how to do? They will reply you that, after your selection 7 days of training will be Provided in which you will learn how to sell online through this social selling site. But they are all lies in order to Steal your parents hard earnings. After that again class you will have to attend in which they teach you about “Name List” and “T-Up (praising someone) “ in which you will become a full scammers.

Day 3: Now here you will learn “ Calculations “ there you will come to Know you have to Invest Rs.8500 or Rs.46,000 or Rs.1.5Lakhs. After that you will have fool 5 People. And they will keep asking you, which plan you have decided till then you are not fully confirmed them.

Now Comes 4th days (Interview Days).

The one who have fooled you keep making you scared about the Interview plus keeps on forcing you to Ring your Daddy for Demanding Money.

Don't worry Nothing happens those illiterate interview taker will only ask you some questions and after Demanding You Money. And almost they will even make you pass if you get agreed to pay the amount. They will sign you a fake bills forms and they will give you 4hrs before to pay the amount, but they are totally fake. And you will keep rushing here and there and start demanding money from your parents hard earned money.

For Staying There You will have to book a rented room around costing 6k to 10k for staying there.

Now you will be forced to Surf Facebook during night by having a conversation like him the one fools you and like how you were been trapped. You will also to have Recommend saying as a online selling work and also that you earn 1 Lakh.

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