Safe your YouTube Channel from Hacker Be aware from New YouTube Hackers

Hello Friends, In this Safe your YouTube Channel from Hacker Be aware from New YouTube Hackers article I want to tell you all that now YouTube Channels has becoming a new Hacking Medium for Hackers now a days. In this article I’m trying to telling you about all Problems are comes from Social Media Platforms and also your Privacy also getting in Danger position now.

Safe your YouTube Channel from Hacker
Safe your YouTube Channel from Hacker

First of all now we all are using various social media platforms to Entertain Us. But there are so many Social Media Platforms are already getting Hacked, here I’m not telling about which platforms you are already know! As per our Daily Visitors and New Visitors of our website. I have a Responsibility to giving you all Genuine information and Spread the Awareness about how all Social Media Platforms are having their Positive sides and Negative sides too.

So let we starts, as you all already know that in Modern time Hackers are of all types, so all this is their Purpose do they only have to Earn Money; hackers can do anything for it. Similarly, now these users have also made YouTube Channel Platform their medium to earn money by doing their work. They have a various types of YouTube channel on it.

Which I list in details below:

1. Tom/Tim/Tom 2nd/MoreTom/Temar
2.  Ximartracks
3.  Watson Marshall
4.  Watson Marshall2
5.  TheComicalCanadian (TCC)
6.  Tyler
7.  Shiviko
8.  Cylixir
9.  MrBeast (Unofficial Channel)
10. SMZeus
11. Paran
12. Ted (Unofficial Channel)

As you can see at above all of these Channels are Spam or Hackers channels. These all are bot spam channels on YouTube, Do Not Subscribe to them!

Be aware from New YouTube Hackers
Be aware from New YouTube Hackers

Be aware from New YouTube Hackers:

Who is the owner of all these different channels I don’t know, but they all have the same purpose they wants to Hack your Account and make some money from that, they are using your profile details, account details like Debit Cards Number, your debit card CVV number and all of your Privacy Data, by giving you a Spam massages, mails and phone calls.
Like all of you can see that there are so many subscribers on their old or new YouTube channels that you will also think. All of these channels have pre-programmed commands; all of these channels just make a comment likes

"Cool video it was really good"
"Cool video keep up the good content"

And all of these users Don't know the any Languages and they all have already created some algorithms to analyze your YouTube channel and monitor your channel performance daily and when you Publish a video on your YouTube channel, you get the First Comment from their channel and you they Influenced by them.

They just want to you Subscribe to their channel. Because you will see their channel, and you would think He had so many subscribers, if you watch their channel properly, then you will know that there is not a single video in their channel but have only too many Subscribers and you will make a mistake.

How to get Safe your YouTube Channel from Hacker:

As I have told you, I have just one request from all of us. So in if any Social Media which seems to be wrong you don’t do Login on it and also don’t fill your Personal Details, Account Information etc. Don’t take any positive action against to them, they just gives you a chance and then get whatever your phone’s data easily.

So Don't Subscribe these types of Unknown YouTube channels from your Google account. If in case you make them channel subscribe by Mistake, so don’t worry just go and do them Unsubscribe from your YouTube account and also Block these channels too.

I came to know about them when they Commented on my YouTube Channel too. After that I did some research about them and I got these Results now.

Through this article, I just want to make you Aware that all these things have started happening in this way now a days, then you think that how are they using a Social Media Platforms in Bad way. Keep all your details Secure and make People aware, then do share this post to everyone who is your closer one and tell them about it.

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Be Safe, do Share this post to Spread the Awareness.

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