How to Reduce Your Blog Loading Time Gives 10X Speed

Hello friends, today I’m going to share some most important things to How to Reduce Your Blog Loading Time Gives 10X Speed, like if you having a your own Personal or Professional Blog or Website, So this article is one of the most important one for you, so don’t forget to read full article without skip any of procedures what I’m telling from this post. Okay let I’m introduce some most important factors about Blog or Website, if you doing Blogging or you are new for this field, so you understand a most important thing to doing Blogging is SEO for your blog. This has gives you a Extra Boost for your Website and what will posts you are posted on your Blog or Website and one of the most important factor for you.

How to Reduce Your Blog Loading Time 10X Speed
How to Reduce Your Blog Loading Time 10X Speed

If SEO is important for your Website, then Increasing Speed for your website is so Important. Then let I Show you some screenshots of my website while I’m testing speed of my website from that I got huge difference from previous one. So let I’m decided to let share that technique with one of my friends like you all, of my daily visitors thanks to giving me this opportunity and stay connected with me.

Before Code Speed Test Result
Before Code Speed Test Result

From this above screenshot I’m sharing that without using any of Techniques to Optimize my Website, while it’s in Desktop and Mobile modes and from it has a various difference in between to them and to low too Optimizing Speed of my Website. Here I’m giving some small Java Script which will gives your website a good Speed Optimization and Reduces your website Loading Time to on both desktop and mobile modes.

Here the code:

<script id='script-batch' type='text/javascript'> 
       var js = d.createElement(&#39;script&#39;); js.async = true; js.defer = true; 
       js.src = &quot;;; 

After copy this code you should just follow the process what I’m listed in below:

  1. Login on your Google account and go to option.
  2. Then login to your blogger too.
  3. Then select theme option on side menu.
  4. After that go to HTML Edit option.
  5. Search on that and find out this code
  6. After that select this code from starting to end.
  7. Then delete that code from here, if you want that backup so you can copy this code and save to Notepad or Word Pad for your backup.
  8. After that copy all code what I’m given.
  9. Then replace this code to with that code.
  10. And save your theme.
Carefully follow all the steps otherwise. If anything error can come, then follow the steps I given correctly.

Select Old Code
Select Old Code

As I have show in this screenshot that you go to edit html option in your Blogger and paste that code which I have given above in place of the code. Where you will get this code.

Replace Selected Code with New Code
Replace Selected Code with New Code

And then the code I gave you. In this, replace that code in its place and save your theme.
And just search on Google, website Speed Checker and you will get a Website, then copy your website URL and Paste it on that, Then click Search option you will get your results. And you will find a comparison between your website Loading Percentage in both Desktop and Mobile mode.

After Code Speed Test Result
After Code Speed Test Result

From this screenshot you will see what differences I got from without placing code and with replacing code on my website. From that I get good speed optimization on my website for both desktop and mobile visitors.

Once I have to tell you all that the loading speed of your website is one of the most important thing in your website optimization on SEO platforms, because when the Google Search Console is crawling your website, then your website loads too low and the website will not get promotes by Google, your website pages and websites on top pages ranking will be reduced. And your website will also be reduced to a top ranking performance on Google. So that’s why I’m telling these factors to you many times.

Okay if you follow all these steps properly and what results you will get, please leave a feedback or comments on comment section which is on below. Otherwise if you getting any of errors, while following this process that time too you will leave your comment with what will errors you are getting, I’m definitely check and let get respond to your comments as soon as possible.

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